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osmosis dishwasher

Osmosis dishwasher

The dishwasher osmosis is, in simple terms, a filter that purifies the water inserted inside the professional equipment to obtain a better washing result on glasses and dishes, with fewer drops, halos and odors.

It should be known that it is a slow process, slower than water pressure generally present on the net. Part of the water is therefore dispersed.

Osmosis dishwasher disadvantages

Il osmosis water consumption of a dishwasher is therefore greater than in a machine that does not provide it.

Furthermore, the maintenance costs that is to be expected from a dishwasher osmosis are expensive. They go periodically replace the filters of the car, especially if it works seasonally. Not doing constant maintenance on the dishwasher means, in many cases, staying still or damaging various internal parts.

Osmosis dishwasher benefits

Where there is dishwasher osmosis it is necessary to use less aggressive detergents and rinse aids and in smaller quantitiesà without having to go through glasses and dishes to dry and remove stains. In addition to avoiding wasting time and money.

external osmosis dishwasher

Alternatives to soften dishwasher water

Osmosis isn't the only solution to improving the washing performance of an industrial dishwasher, though it is integrated often in some machines of German origin, such as Meiko or Winterhalter or in the Italian Walo.

They also exist resin filters faster of the osmosis that they can give clearly superior results on glasses and cutleryi, dispersing less water. They do not manage to remove all the minerals and carbonates like osmosis.

It is always necessary to start fromwater analysis that there is on site to choose which filters to apply, whether to remove all the minerals present in the water or only partially. The water analysis can be performed by a technician specialized in catering equipment or a plumber. It is good to know if it measures hardness in French or German degrees.

If there are more than one machines in the network, it makes sense to insert a water softener upstream. In some cases it must also be combined with the resin filter because it adds sodium. Or you can put an osmotic system upstream across the board.

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