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3 foolproof ways to fry fries

3 foolproof ways to fry fries in your establishment

Discover 3 foolproof ways to fry fries in your establishment with all the tricks of the trade, explained from restaurateur to restaurateur.

There is no single way to fry. In Asia they use the wok and also in Europe the iron pans, for years they have been the best allies of the fryers.

Today, French fries, chips in English, are found practically all over the world. In Europe, even the smallest places, such as bars, have adapted to fry fries to please the little ones.

What kind of product do I want to offer my customers? Fresh or pre-cooked fries?

Ok, let's not cry on each other. There are few who make french fries starting from the fresh product. You need to have the right raw material. Potatoes with little starch, yellow flesh, possibly local and probably the product cannot be offered out of season. Unless one starts making an industry out of it and Tyrrells teaches it.

Potatoes, if they are in large quantities, should be cleaned of earthy residues if not peeled. For this you need a potato peeler.

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    Electrolux Professional potato peeler

In this case it is essential to have a vegetable cutter with a special disc for matchstick cutting.

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To be crunchy on the outside, but well cooked on the inside, the Belgians say that fries should be cooked twice. In a first phase, at a low temperature around 2 ° C, and then move on to the final browning at 160 ° C just before being served.

The pre-cooking is done in a deep fryer, then they chill.

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This saves a lot of work when you buy a lot of pre-cooked potato chips. We immediately move on to the final browning! Although sure, you need a freezer to hold the product.

Normally everyone uses precooked: here are 3 foolproof ways to fry fries in your restaurant, without going crazy.

Countertop fryer: ideal for low volumes

If you have a small bar, make sure you can do frying. Normally this requires a hood with expulsion through a chimney. But it varies from healthcare company to healthcare company. For this reason, asking before investing is a good idea. In this case, a counter fryer will be enough to obtain super fragrant fries. Counter top fryers are almost always electric with one or two tanks. The difference lies in the tap and the possible operating speed. The fastest is induction.

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Professional fryer with one or two wells, 70 or 90 cm deep for medium-high volumes

The deep fryer is less and less popular in retirement homes and canteens, however it remains the most classic way to churn out several portions at the same time. If you are fried with flour and egg, with breading it is good to have two separate tubs. As well as frying different foods. Because potatoes absorb odors.

Do you have high and occasional volumes? Get help from the oven

If fried food is not always on your menu or you have many meals and you need high volumes with few operators, the trivalent oven can give you a hand.

In convection mode, with the circulation of hot air, a suitable pan and a simple spray of oil, that's it. Without excessive odors and risks of splashes and resulting burns. In short, ideal if you make burgers and fries! They can be 1/1 or even 1/2 large depending on the amount of product you want to prepare.

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