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mypro washing machine

Professional washing machines for businesses

Le professional washing machines they are perfect allies for companies such as bed & breakfasts and hotels, but also hairdressers, beauty salons, retirement homes and campsites. In short, they are perfect for small businesses that need more resistant and faster machines than those for home use.

The washing machine with a completely professional heart, designed specifically for companies that have this need and the myPRO signed by Electrolux Professional.

MyPRO professional washing machine

Actually Electrolux has thought of two different types of professional washing machines, to allow you to choose the laundry solution that meets your needs:

  • myPRO 8 Kg
  • myPRO XL 12 Kg

Why choose myPRO washing machines? Because they are powerful and robust, but at the right price. Let's see the advantages.

myPRO 8 kg

MyPRO 8 kg by Electrolux Professional is the professional solution with low consumption but for extra savings. The washing machine with energy class A +++ and is designed to last over time, thanks to a robust structure and the use of professional components.

Thanks to the special SpeedCare basket the myPRO 8kg guarantees a better water extraction, with consequent reduction of costs and duration of washing cycles. In addition, the Automatic Humidity Control shortens drying cycles.

Thanks to the stainless steel top and front panel, keeping the washing machine hygienic is quick and easy.

Let's see its features:

  • 8kg load capacity to treat large quantities of laundry
  • Better washing results and greater garment care thanks to the exclusive
    basket with 4.5 mm holes (against the standard 2.2 mm)
  • Lower running costs: energy class A +++
  • Maximum water extraction with centrifuge at 1.400 rpm
  • Professional programs for all needs (eco, delicate, disinfection, mop)
  • Time saving: only 82 min for normal 60 ºC program
  • Savings of an additional 12 min with hot water inlet
  • Flexible installation thanks to the intelligent configuration of the
  • drain pump


The MyPRO 12 Kg XL washing machine was created thinking of companies that need greater capacity, strength and speed, but still at the right price.

It has the same basic characteristics of the previous MyPRO such as: energy class A +++, lasts over time thanks to the structure, SpeedCare basket and Automatic Humidity Control.

Let's see in detail its features and advantages:

  • Built with professional components, it lasts almost six times longer
    of a washing machine for domestic use
  • High quality SKF bearings
  • Durable triple seals
  • More resistant thanks to 8-point spring suspension and steel counterweights
  • Increased load capacity: 12 kg
  • 35 minutes for a cold wash cycle
  • Lower running costs: washing machine in energy class A +
  • High water extraction and low residual humidity (G factor: 300)

Advantages of Electrolux professional washing machines

Choosing these washing machines allows you to have greater flexibility and ease of maintenance. Moreover, thanks to the wide range of accessories provided, they are fully customizable.

Remember that the assembly does not include works on systems, but only the connection.

Discover all the MyPRO professional washing machines in our online shop!

  • they mangle with fixed steam
    Fixed Steam Mangano My Pro Cod. 1LSMZA
    2.550,00  Euro VAT excluded
  • foldable steam iron
    Folding Steamer My Pro Cod. IS185
    1.648,00  Euro VAT excluded
  • error codes for dryers
    MyPro dryer 8 kg 1L0AEF
    1.228,00  Euro VAT excluded
  • mypro washing machine
    Mypro 8 kg washing machine 1L0AEG
    1.630,00  Euro VAT excluded

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