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How to organize home deliveries in 5 steps

Organizing home deliveries is an increasingly popular practice, which you can put into practice and manage in a simple way to get even closer to the needs of your customers. Here are the 5 steps you will need to put into practice to open a home delivery service all yours without relying on other platforms!

1. Choose who delivers: the deliverers

How to organize home delivery without messengers? The people you choose for the delivery of your dishes are fundamental: if the customer no longer enters your restaurant, the only contact they have with you and with your reality is the person who delivers the meal at home.

Recruit trusted deliverymen, so as to control the entire deliver process, i.e. delivery.

2. A dedicated menu

During home delivery the dishes will not be as perfect as if they just came out of your kitchen, because they are not at all. Prepare a dedicated menu for home delivery, identifying dishes that do not lose their qualities during the journey.

how to organize a home delivery service

3. The right packaging

Packaging can also make a difference to keep your food at its best. In addition, it is an element that tells your attention to your customer very well! Do you know that your customers are particularly attentive to details? Write on the packages what they contain, perhaps on a card with the logo of your restaurant, and close all the packs perfectly.

Also, it lends attention to the green and ecological aspect of the process: today more than ever, environmentally friendly packaging makes the difference.

A tip: if you have trusted customers ask them what kind of packaging they would like!

And don't forget the temperature of your dishes! They must be placed and contained in special isothermal bags, which you can find in our online store.

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4. Promote your home service

Take advantage of your channels, social networks, the newsletter and everything you have available to let your customers and potential new customers know about your service. You will not only have to let people know that you offer a food and meal delivery service, but also tell what differentiates you.

Have you outlined a perimeter with a radius of 10km for delivery? Good! Let your customers know that they will receive their order in no time!
Do you use environmentally friendly products? Communicate it! Or have you decided to create a dedicated menu for home delivery? Make it available to people!

5. How do your customers book?

Try to better understand how to allow your customers to book their menu at home: you prefer the telephone channel and you have enough staff to follow it or you can rely on dedicated software or, again, your site.

How to improve a home delivery service

Here is a bonus for you to improve your home delivery service: contact your customers after they have used your service and ask them if they want to tell you how they found each other and what they would have changed! You will be able to learn directly from people who know you and give them the opportunity to feel important to you, strengthening your relationship.

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