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Operational rental

What does "operating leasing" mean?

Operational rental is a financial service, offered to those who need to purchase an asset useful for their work, in the form of a service.

It is therefore a contract under which the customer of Forniture Alberghiere Shop, in the face of payment of a fixed periodic fee to be established, will have the availability of professional equipment to be used within his business without acquiring ownership nor, obviously, the charges associated with the latter. Basically it is a question of "renting" the products present in ours shop.

And at the end of the rental? At the end of the period it is possible return the goods and sign a new rental agreement to get new goods or buy the goods used up to that momento

It is a tool that can be used by all holders of VAT.


What are the advantages of operating leasing?

  • the user totally eliminates the problems related to the management of highly obsolescent products, having to pay only for the use of what he acquires
  • the purchase costs are spread over the entire period of use and not in a single moment with certain costs for the entire duration of the contract
  • flexibility to update, at any time, on the most advanced technologies
  • operational leasing involves a full deductibility of lease payments
  • full IRA deductibility
  • possibility of redemption

How to get an operational rental?

Contact us! Send us an email by filling out thespecific form. Ask us your doubts and questions, we will reply as soon as possible with our proposal!