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Electrolux oven cleaner 7 packs 0S2282 (14 pieces of 5 liters)

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7 packs of 2 pieces each, for a total of 14 pieces. Each piece is 5 liters.
Use exclusively for cleaning professional ovens with Zanussi and Electrolux Professional series Air-O-Convect and Air-O-Steam series.
Do not mix with other products.
Do not use on other surfaces.
Do not use to directly clean the inside of the appliance.
Check the label for more information.



The oven cleaner Electrolux 7 packs is supplied in 7 packs of 2 pieces each, for a total of 14 pieces. Each piece is 5 liters.

To be used on all air-o-steam and air-o-convect ovens with level B knobs and touch screen. The detergent is inserted where the red cap is on the right, while the rinse aid has a blue cap and is by default on the left.

Electrolux oven detergent has a higher consumption than the rinse aid because it is essential for a good washing result. The chemistry studied by the parent company in Pordenone is made to keep the internal components of the oven in good condition for a long time.

Advantages of the electrolux professional oven cleaner 7 packs

High degreasing power for ovens with integrated washing cycle
Environmentally friendly chemical with revised EDTA-free formula
Reliability guarantee without the risk of premature breakage of the subject parts with the use of chemicals
Thoroughly field tested by industry experts
Ergonomic packaging with 2 bottles of 5 liters which simplifies handling and storage

How to use electrolux detergent

1. Wear protective goggles and gloves
2. Pour C20 Extra Strong Detergent for Ovens into the dispenser of the integrated cleaning system.
3. Select the appropriate wash cycle and press start.

Keep the package closed and intact.
Store at a temperature between 0 ° and 40 ° C.

Check and download the safety data sheet:

Download (PDF, 108KB)

Check and download the data sheet:

Download (PDF, 120KB)

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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 27x21x34mm


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