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Hsg panini toaster with microwave 603601

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Machine out of production for some years. Replaced by Speedelight.

It is a very fast toaster, recommended for high productions. It is used, for example, in Italian Autogrills. For hsg panini the price is proportional to the high performance required of the machine.

Cover and upper panel in AISI 304 stainless steel. Rear panel in AISI 430 stainless steel and bottom in galvanized steel. Side panels in painted steel.

Upper ribbed plate (215 x 215 mm) in aluminum with non-stick coating. Automatically adapts to the shape of the sandwich (height from 1,2 to 7,5 cm). Lower cooking surface in quartz glass, smooth, 4 mm thick. (250 x 250 mm).

Two different temperature probes for plate control. Both higher (from 150 to 250 ° C) and lower (from 150 to 250 ° C). Automatic lid sealing and opening system controlled by an electromagnet. Automatic lifting of the lid at the end of cooking by gas spring.

Electronic control with LED digital display, countdown and buzzer at the end of cooking. MICA heating element: 900 W on the top plate and armored heating elements: 900 W on the bottom surface. Microwave: magnetron n. 2 x 900 W.

Features Hsg sandwiches

Side slats for efficient machine cooling. Ergonomic aluminum handle with plastic grip. Removable front panel and upper plate to facilitate cleaning operations. 4 pre-loaded cooking programs (factory settings):

  • P1 = 30 sec. (20 sec. Of microwaves);
  • P2 = 40 sec. (30 sec. Of microwaves);
  • P3 = 50 sec. (40 sec. Of microwaves);
  • P4 = 59 sec. (without microwave).

The 4 pre-loaded programs can be modified by the user. Furthermore, the programmable parameters are:

  • top plate temperature
  • bottom plate temperature
  • total duration of the cooking cycle (in seconds)
  • duration of microwaves within the cooking cycle (in seconds).

Supplied with: 1 lt. of detergent, spray container for detergent, scraper, spatula, set of 24 sheets of parchment paper and and cleaning brush.

Voltage 400 V

Electric power 5 Kw

For more information read ours blog.

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Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 361x675x630mm


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