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Technical Support

To obtain technical assistance on the equipment purchased, it is necessary to fill in all its parts the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FORM.

A copy will be sent to [email protected] by return receipt or by post to the address indicated in the form itself. In this way Hotel supplies shop will be able to plan and communicate the repair quote to the customer.

A copy will be printed and inserted inside the package to be sent. Shipping costs are charged to the customer, while those for returning hotel supplies shop.

The repair will be carried out only after receiving the counter-signed quote and payment of the aforementioned. Following this, the estimated return date will also be communicated.

Returns sent without these preconditions are not accepted.

The return transport costs are charged to the customer.

How the guarantee works

The warranty is commercial and, as per European legislation, for purchases between VAT numbers it is 12 months, between individuals 24 months, provided that the product has not been installed, assembled or connected incorrectly or has not been tampered with.

If you need technical assistance under warranty click here.

For more details read the terms and conditions of Shop hotel supplies.