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Terms, conditions, cookies

1.1 These general conditions of sale (hereinafter "cgv") govern the contract (hereinafter the "contract") for the sale of online products (hereinafter the "product" or "products") offered by Hotel Supplies shop di Sades Impianti srl - based in via Caduti 14 September 1944, 5 - 32100 Belluno VAT number 00223130253, registered with the REA of Belluno n. 50485 (hereinafter "Hotel supplies shop") - through its website www.forniturealberghiereshop.it (hereinafter the "site") to users of the site (hereinafter the "customers" or the "customer").

1.2 The GCS applicable to the sale of products are those published on the site at the date of the order relating to the products. The customer is required to check the applicable GTC at the time of purchase.

1.3 Some products may be subject to particular conditions of sale in addition to these GCS. These special conditions will always be included and accessible in the "description" section of the product. The customer must necessarily accept these special conditions when purchasing the specific product, in addition to the sales terms and conditions.

1.4 The mere tolerance or failure to contest any non-fulfillment by the customer with respect to what is contained in the GCV cannot be interpreted as tacit acceptance of such non-fulfillment, nor as a desire to derogate from what was agreed between the parties.

The contract is governed in all its aspects exclusively by the GCS applied.


2.1 The customer who intends to proceed with the purchase of the products must express this will through a request made directly on the site, in the appropriate section, where, following the procedures indicated, he will send his purchase order and make the payment. The data communicated for the payment will be communicated to and processed by Sades Impianti srl, the company that owns Hotel Supplies shop, based in via Caduti 14 September 1944, 5 in Belluno (BL), Italy.

The technical steps to be performed for the conclusion of the contract are as follows:

- The customer must register on the site, with his email address and will receive / choose a password or log in via social network. This will give you the credentials to access the site.

- The registered customer will be able to access the shop, where he can view and know the offers of the products, the availability of the offer, including the essential characteristics of the product and the price; will also be able to view product photographs.

- Within the shop section, the customer can choose the product to buy and place it in the cart, where it is possible to know the shipping costs before purchasing and paying.

- To confirm the order, the customer, in the shopping cart section, must enter the shipping address and any other data useful for payment, such as the details of his PayPal account if he intends to pay online. The customer can change the payment preferences up to the final forwarding of the order, which can be done by clicking on the buy button.

Payment can be made through the "PayPal" system. In this case, the charge will be made within 12 hours after the customer sends the order confirmation. Alternatively, there is the possibility to pay by bank transfer. In this case, the order will be processed once the payment has been received, in a period of time depending on the bank transactions, which, in general, is 1-2 working days.


3.1 The contract will be considered concluded at the time of receipt by Forniture Alberghiere shop of the payment of the consideration.

Once the payment has been received, Forniture Alberghiere shop will send the order confirmation via email to the customer.

However, the contract will be considered terminated if the product is not available, in accordance with the provisions of art. 4.3.

3.2 In the case of multiple orders, as many contracts as the number of products ordered will be considered stipulated.

The effectiveness of each contract is subject to the actual availability of the product, as specified in the previous art. 3.3 and the following art. 4.3.

3.3 The essential characteristics of the products, the VAT excluded price and the VAT included calculation and the delivery costs, are viewable and knowable by the customer before the conclusion of the contract and the execution of the payment. In particular, the essential characteristics of the products can be viewed by accessing the appropriate section of the site called "shop" where Hotel supplies shop, in addition to the description and characteristics of the product, will publish, if possible, also photographs for the sole and sole purpose of representing the product.

Hotel supplies shop does not charge any fees or impose any fees for accessing the site. The expenses incurred by the customer are exclusively those of internet browsing, as agreed between the customer and his internet provider. Hotel supplies shop is completely unrelated to that relationship.

3.4 Once the purchase order has been received, Forniture Alberghiere shop will send the customer the order receipt, in Italian, containing a summary of the content of the information relating to the sale and will proceed with the fulfillment of the purchase order. except as provided in the following art. 4.2.


4.1 Delivery of products: Hotel shop supplies, without prejudice to the provisions of the following art. 4.3, undertakes to deliver the products to the address communicated by the customer in the purchase order, through the carrier in charge of transport. Shop hotel supplies cannot be held responsible for errors in delivery due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in the completion of the purchase order by the customer or for damage to the goods caused by the carrier. It is advisable to sign subject to control upon receipt of the goods.

If the goods are not delivered by the courier because the recipient is not available, Forniture Alberghiere shop reserves the right to withhold the amount of shipping costs and up to 15% of administrative costs, in case the customer requests a refund of the order.

Hotel supplies shop carries out deliveries throughout the Italian territory and in some European countries. Delivery is made by express courier; PO boxes are not considered valid addresses for delivery purposes.

4.2 The delivery of the products takes place within the deadline indicated in the order confirmation, and in any case within 60 days from the conclusion of the contract.

Delivery costs are normally charged to the customer, except for special events where it is specified. They are also the case in the case of subscriptions for each consignment.

4.3 Installation and assembly of the equipment are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is required to read the installation and use instructions before using the purchased machine. Hotel supplies shop is not responsible in any way for any damage caused by incorrect installation or assembly of the equipment or tampering with them.

4.4 Unavailability of products: Hotel supplies shop reserves the right to notify the customer, within 30 days of purchase at the email address associated with his profile, of any unavailability of one or more of the products purchased. In this case, the contract will be terminated and Forniture Alberghiere shop will refund (via bank transfer or PayPal account indicated by the customer) of the price and shipping costs (in the case of multiple orders, limited to the shipping costs specifically referred to the Product not available).

In the case of multiple orders, the unavailability of one or more of the products ordered will not give the customer the right to cancel the entire order.

4.5 Promotions: Hotel supplies shop develops promotional campaigns during defined time intervals in order to promote the registration of new members in its service. Hotel supplies shop reserves the right to interpret the conditions of application of the promotions, extend them by communicating it in the manner and time due, or proceed with the exclusion of any participant in the promotions in the event that anomalies, abuses or unethical behavior are identified in the participation of themselves.

4.6 Price errors: in the event that a price error occurs on the site, this will be communicated within 5 days of receipt of the order. The customer can choose between a refund of the order or an adjustment of the price difference.


5.1 The customer is solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of the information and data provided to Forniture Alberghiere shop and requested by the latter through the site, and undertakes to promptly communicate any changes to the data entered via email.

5.2 The customer, upon confirmation of the purchase order, declares:

a) to have read, understood and accepted the GCS;

b) to authorize Shop hotel supplies to process personal data communicated at the time of purchase, and to transmit to Sades Impianti srl (as indicated in art. 3) the personal data necessary for processing the payment in the manner indicated.

5.4 Upon delivery of the products to the customer by the carrier responsible for their transport, the customer must check, in the presence of the carrier:

a) that the quantity and type of products ordered correspond to what is indicated in the transport document;

b) that the packaging used for transport is intact, not damaged, wet or otherwise altered, even only in the closing materials;

c) that the quantity and type of products delivered correspond to what was ordered.

d) that the product has not been installed, assembled or connected incorrectly or that it has been tampered with.

Any anomalies or discrepancies must be immediately reported to the carrier upon receipt of the products, by indicating them in the delivery note.

5.5 Assistance: For any need for assistance or complaints relating to the products, you must contact Forniture Alberghiere shop at the addresses indicated in point 11 of the CGV below.


6.1 Warranty: Hotel supplies shop will provide, in relation to the products, the legal guarantee of compliance with the conditions and terms set out in Articles. 128 and ss. of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005.

In particular, in the event of a lack of conformity, the customer will have the right to obtain a refund of the price and shipping costs.

6.2 The rights arising from the legal guarantee of conformity may be exercised on condition that the products have been used correctly, with due diligence and in compliance with the intended use and as provided in the enclosed indications, as well as upon presentation by the customer of the delivery note and an indication of the order number. The costs relating to the return of products due to the exercise of the guarantee will be borne by Shop hotel supplies.

6.3 The legal guarantee of conformity applies only to defects not resulting from normal use of the product, provided that the product has not been installed, assembled or connected incorrectly or has not been tampered with.


7.1 Hotel supplies shop, except as specified in the previous point 6, provides technical assistance only on the equipment sold at its headquarters. The procedure to follow is indicated under “Profile” under the heading “Technical assistance”.

7.2 The customer will send the request form for technical assistance via email to assistenzatecnica [at] forniturealberghiereshop.it and will also insert a copy in the package to be sent.

The customer is required to provide for the correct packaging, shipping and eventual insurance of the goods on site.

Once the equipment has been received, Forniture Alberghiere shop will send the quote within 5 working days to the e-mail address indicated in the technical assistance request form.

Repairs will be carried out only following an estimate accepted and countersigned by the customer.

Once the quote signed by the customer has been received, the estimated return date will be communicated to the customer.

The transport costs for the return of the goods are borne by the hotel supplies shop.

7.2 In the event of irreparability of the goods, Hotel Supplies Shop, will communicate the date of shipment of the equipment to the customer within 20 days of receipt of the goods on site.

The transport for the return of the goods is borne by hotel supplies shop.


8.1 The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, starting from the receipt of the order confirmation sent by Shop hotel supplies and no later than fourteen days from receipt of the product at the address indicated for delivery.

In the case of orders including several products, or products consisting of lots or multiple pieces, the above term will run from the receipt of the last of the products or lots.

Full proof of receipt is the date shown on the delivery note.

8.2 The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal by sending a hard copy or by email with return receipt of the form available in the "Return" section under the "Profile" of the customer.

8.3 If the product has already been delivered, the customer is required to return it to the hotel supplies shop. To that end:

- the substantial integrity of the product to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal: damaged returns will not be accepted, but only those kept in an optimal state of conservation;

- the costs of returning the goods to the hotel supplies shop (Euro 7) are charged to the customer, who must send the product duly packaged and packaged; The customer must insert a copy of the delivery document inside the packaging box.

8.4 If the customer exercises the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of these cgv, Forniture Alberghiere shop will reimburse the sums paid by the customer to the payment card or Pay Pal account indicated by the same for the purchase. The refund will be free of charge, within 14 days from the date on which Forniture Alberghiere shop became aware of the customer's exercise of the right of withdrawal.

In the event that the customer has chosen a more expensive shipping method than the standard one offered by Forniture Alberghiere shop, he will be required to return only the cost of the standard shipping service, and not the additional additional cost.

8.5 The right of withdrawal regulated by these GCS does not apply:

- to goods made to measure or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

- to products whose packaging is not perfectly sealed and not damaged;

In any case, the right of withdrawal is excluded if the product has been handled in a different way from what is strictly necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and functioning.

8.6 To make a return, the customer must follow the following procedure:

1. Log in to the site.

2. Select the return section in the Profile menu. Complete the form. Send one by email or post to the hotel supplies shop.

Once the return has been confirmed, Forniture Alberghiere shop will schedule the collection and inform the customer via email on the date and time when it will be carried out. A copy of the withdrawal form will be included in the package.

Shipping, wrapping and packing costs are charged to the customer.

8.7 Customer refund:

Only in the event that the delivered product is ascertained as defective or different from the one ordered, Hotel Forniture Shop will pay the customer also the relative shipping costs. Partial refunds will correspond to partial refunds.

Hotel supplies shop will refund within 48 hours of confirming the arrival of the returned package in the warehouse.

The display of the refund on the Member's account or credit card or Pay Pal account will depend on the customer's credit card circuit and bank.

The return for incorrectly ordered material must be agreed in advance by e-mail and authorized. It provides for a deduction for management and administrative costs equal to 20% of the taxable amount paid in the event that the goods return perfectly packaged and intact. 100% otherwise.


9.1 Description and display of products: the product descriptions and images on the site correspond to what is made available by the suppliers of Hotel supplies shop. The photographs and video presentation of the products accompanying the descriptive information are published on the site for descriptive purposes, it being understood that the quality of the images (for example in terms of exact display of colors) may depend on the software and IT tools used. by the customer when connecting to the site.

9.2 Malfunctions: Hotel supplies shop assumes no responsibility for the problems caused to the customer by the use of the site and the technologies used as they are not dependent on their will, such as, by way of example:

a) errors, delays or inability to access the site by the cleinte during the execution of the sales procedure;

b) errors, delays or inability to receive, by the customer, the communications made by the hotel supplies shop in relation to the sale of products.


10.1 Shop hotel supplies informs that the site, its presentation, as well as all the trademarks and distinctive signs used by Shop hotel supplies in relation to the sale of products, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights and therefore any form of reproduction is prohibited. , communication, distribution, publication, alteration or transformation, in any way and for any purpose, of the contents of the site, of the brands and distinctive signs used by Forniture Alberghiere shop (such as, by way of example, the works, images, photographs, drawings, dialogues, presentations, music, sounds, videos, graphics, colors, features and design of the site).

10.2 Hotel supplies shop assumes no responsibility for the brands and other distinctive signs that appear on the products it sells on the site, with respect to which the cleinte does not acquire any rights following the conclusion of the contract.


click here for extended legislation.

11.1 Hotel supplies shop of Sades Impianti s is the owner of the personal data collected at the time of registration on the site, as well as those subsequently communicated at the time of purchase by the customer.


Dear Customer / Supplier, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 establishes that the interested party must be informed in advance about the use of the data concerning him and that the processing of personal data is allowed only with the express consent of the interested party except the cases provided for by law.

Data controller

The Data Controller is: FORNITURE ALBERGHIERE SHOP di SADES IMPIANTI SRL, Via Caduti 14 September 1944, 5 - 32100 Belluno (BL)

Tel. +39 0437 31940, E-mail: [email protected]

Aims of treatment

Personal data are processed within the normal activity of the company SADES IMPIANTI SRL for administrative-accounting purposes such as:

  • Fulfillment of tax or accounting obligations
  • Customer management (customer administration, administration of contracts, orders, shipments and invoices, reliability and solvency check)
  • Supplier management (administration of suppliers administration of contracts, orders, arrivals, invoices, selection in relation to the needs of the company)
  • Sending communications relating to product news (newsletter), subject to your consent

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom personal data may be disclosed Companies or external persons who carry out activities strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the commercial relationship such as: credit institutions, consultants and freelancers, individuals and associates, external mailing list manager (for sending information newsletters).

Retention period

Personal data will be kept for a maximum duration of 11 years from the conclusion of the contractual relationship for administrative-accounting-tax purposes.

In the case of the newsletter, personal data will be kept for a time appropriate to the performance of the requested service and, in any case, until you unsubscribe, by clicking at the bottom of the newsletter, following the procedure provided.

Rights of the interested party

The interested party has the right to obtain from the Data Controller confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him is being processed and in this case he has the right to:

- obtain access to personal data, request the correction or deletion of personal data or the limitation of the processing of personal data concerning him or to oppose their treatment;

- to receive personal data concerning him in a structured format, commonly used and readable by automatic device and has the right to transmit such data to another data controller (data portability);

- be informed of the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling;

- if expressed, withdraw the consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent given before the revocation;

- propose a complaint to the supervisory authority (Privacy Guarantor - http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/4535524);

At any time the user can - without any formalities (via e-mail: [email protected]) - exercise the rights referred to in the aforementioned European Regulation by contacting the Data Controller or using the appropriate application form made available by the Guarantor on www.garanteprivacy.it.

Nature of the data and consequence of the lack of communication

Without the processing and communication of data of a mandatory nature for the purposes described, it will not be possible to provide the interested party with the services and / or products requested, in whole or in part. The provision of your personal data for sending newsletters is optional, but refusal to provide them will prevent you from proceeding with the service.

Consent to treatment

We consider the consent to subscribe to the Newsletter service expressed and accepted the conditions established when you have checked the authorization box for the processing of personal data from the site https://www.forniturealberghiereshop.it/checkout

Revocation of consent

The consent can always be revoked, without this affecting the treatment carried out in the period prior to the revocation itself. In case of violation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent Supervisory Authority. For further information on this information or on any privacy issue, or if you wish to exercise your rights or withdraw your consent, you can contact the e-mail address [email protected]

11.2 The company uses "cookies" technology to improve and simplify the User's access to the website.
The "cookie" files are sent to your computer in order to uniquely identify you and record your personal preferences and other technical information. The cookies we use are configured in two types:
a) Permanent "Cookies" (they remain on the computer until they are deleted)
b) Temporary "cookies" (they are deactivated when the browser is closed)
The "cookies" themselves do not contain or reveal personal data. Any personal information sent through the website can be linked to the data stored in the cookies.
It is possible to prevent the use of cookies by the Company by appropriately modifying the browser acceptance parameters (the instructions on modifying these parameters can be found in the guide of the web browser used). If these parameters are changed, it will not be possible to access certain sections of the Hotel supplies shop website.

If you wish, you can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your device through the options of the browser installed on your pc or from the privacy options of the device from which you visit.
In the event that the installation of cookies in the browser is not allowed, it is possible that you will not be able to access any of the sections of our web page.

For example, you can find information on how to do this if you use these browsers:
• Firefox from https://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Attivare%20e%20disattivare%20i%20cookie
• Chrome from https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=it
• Explorer from http://windows.microsoft.com/it-it/windows7/how-to-manage-cookies-in-internet-explorer-9
• Safari from http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5042
• Opera from http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.00/it/cookies.html

The only cookies and data transfers to third parties are required are those connected to Paypal and possibly introduced by Mailchimp, Google Adsense, Disquis, Woocommerce, Oct8ne governed by the relative companies.


For any communication you can contact Hotel supplies shop at the following addresses:

Via Caduti 14 September 1944, 5
32100 Belluno
email: info [at] forniturealberghieresho.it where [at] is [email protected]

In any case, it is specified that the communications sent by the customer will never be able to integrate the contract, which will always be governed by these GCS and, where present, by the special conditions applicable to specific sales.

13. LAW

13.1 The law applicable to the sale of products is the Italian one. In particular, the provisions of Chapter I of Title III of Part III of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005) apply.

13.2 Any invalidity of individual clauses of the contract or of the GCS will not imply the invalidity of the entire contract or of the GCS.


The Customer accepts these terms in addition to the terms and conditions expressed in the Agreement.

For the purposes of these terms, the term “Product” will include terminals and vehicle tracking systems, antennas, cables and ancillary and ancillary equipment; the term "Services" includes delivery, installation, customization, repair and replacement of Products and the provision of data, reports and other information by any means; the term "Customer" will indicate the company, partnership, association or individual signing a contract for the purchase or lease of Products or Services offered by Sades Impianti srl ("Forniture Alberghiere Shop"). In the event that any part of the Terms is found to be invalid or incompetent by a competent court or authority, all other remaining provisions will remain valid.

Forniture Alberghiere Shop will receive payments on a recurring basis (“Recurring Payments”) relating to these Services. The choice of payment method will be at the sole discretion of Forniture Alberghiere Shop. Payment can be made by direct debit, credit or debit card.

Card payments will generally be handled by the Stripe platform, however Forniture Alberghiere Shop reserves the right to decide on a different method for recurring payments. To avoid ambiguity, the Services are offered on a contractual basis and the Customer is required to pay periodically in advance in order to continue using the Services.

The contracts generally have a validity of 12 months, a quarterly advance payment and will automatically renew unless written notice of 30 days.

In the event that any part of these terms is translated into a language other than English, this action will be carried out in good faith and for clarification. Insofar as the meaning of the translated version differs from the original one, the latter will be valid in any case. The Customer acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and conditions in their original language.


The Customer will proceed with the activation of the Recurring Payments at the beginning of the contract and will keep them as such during the entire period in which he will use the Services.

Recurring payments by debit or credit card are established by Customer by acceptance of the recurring card payments agreement ("Agreement"). This is an online service, similar to that of standing order and direct debit, where the amount is withdrawn from the Customer's debit or credit card.

The Agreement establishes the following:

  • Forniture Alberghiere Shop undertakes to send an email to the Customer specifying the amount, date, frequency and expiration date of the Recurring Payment.
  • a reference number ("Order ID") will be created, as well as a username and password to allow the Customer to recognize his subscription.

The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, including bank details or credit or debit card details.

If the Customer's contract begins with a free or promotional period, he will still have to accept this agreement at the beginning of the contractual period and before the start of the promotional period.

Once the agreement is processed, payments will be made automatically; however, they may be delayed due to promotional or free periods. If the payment is not authorized or the card expires, through the Stripe Forniture Alberghiere Shop platform it will send the Customer an email notification and it will therefore be up to the Customer to contact Forniture Alberghiere Shop to remedy the inconvenience. Forniture Alberghiere Shop reserves the right to apply an administrative fee of € 30 in the event of a refused transaction.

Forniture Alberghiere Shop has the right, at any time and without the obligation to notify the Customer, to interrupt the recurring Payments for the Services.

Before activating Recurring Payments, Forniture Alberghiere Shop may take a symbolic amount for authentication or verification purposes.

The Customer accepts, understands and acknowledges the right to Forniture Alberghiere Shop to hire third parties to make recurring payments. Likewise, the Customer may be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the aforementioned third parties, which will be previously communicated to him.


The Services will be made available by Forniture Alberghiere Shop following the initial payment. The payment terms are advanced and variable according to the payment method, the market and the contract. Once the Recurring Payments for the Services have been authorized, the Customer authorizes Forniture Alberghiere Shop to make the withdrawal for the next billing period and for the duration of the provision of the Services, until the time of cancellation or deactivation of the Recurring Payments following adequate notice. and under the conditions specified by Forniture Alberghiere Shop, for which the Services will not be renewed automatically.

Customer agrees that payments for the Services are non-refundable, regardless of the availability of the Services or the duration of the Agreement. Payments will be established by the terms of the Agreement, in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Sale; the Customer also accepts any changes to the aforementioned terms.

If the Customer cancels the Services prior to the end of the contractual period, he may be charged for the costs of the Services for the remaining period. If the Customer decides to interrupt the Services outside the minimum contractual period, he will not have to bear further expenses once the notice period has elapsed. Customer will not receive refunds or credits for periods in which the Services have been paid for but not used.


The Customer has the right to cancel or interrupt the Recurring Payments, after having unsubscribed from the Services, by accessing the site www.forniturealberghiereshop.it in the my profile section, subscriptions section. Final charges may apply, especially if this occurs within the contract period.

In the event that: (a) the Customer cancels or interrupts the Recurring Payments or (b) one of the Recurring Payments is refused, for any reason, for example due to an expired credit card, Forniture Alberghiere Shop has the right to stop the provision of the Services immediately and regardless of subsequent expenses, such as for early termination of a Contract. The Customer will be required to pay such expenses.


The Customer authorizes Forniture Alberghiere Shop to be contacted by email, text message or telephone regarding Recurring Services and Payments.


Within the maximum limits permitted by law, the Customer acknowledges Forniture Alberghiere Shop as not responsible for any loss or damage suffered due to the use of Recurring Payments for Products or Services, even resulting from fraud.