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How to sanitize the kitchen counter of the restaurant

To understand how to best clean and sanitize the kitchen counter of your restaurant correctly, it is necessary to know what type of materials must be treated and with which products. A restaurant business must absolutely be cleaned properly and wherever you have to do with food you have to sanitize the environment.

In a kitchen it is HACCP hygiene rules must be respected, without neglecting the disinfestations that could compromise the hygiene and safety of a restaurant kitchen. Furthermore, Mocas have also recently been introduced Regulation (EC) n. 1935/2004 that is the guidelines for everything that comes into contact with food.

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How to sanitize the kitchen counter

Here are 3 steps you will need to take every day to keep your kitchen counter clean:

  1. Rearrange the items
  2. Clean with suitable detergents
  3. Rinse

Chemicals always release particles on surfaces, which is why rinsing well is essential. If you can, choose natural products and avoid ammonia and bleach, which could be harmful to your customers.

Beware of vinegar, bleach and other "traditions"

Many put bleach in the commercial dishwasher. It is absolutely not to be done. It ruins the machine and, moreover, there is not a change of water in the tub, if not with the new rinse. Too little to guarantee the customer that he will not be poisoned.
Vinegar, lemon or baking soda, mixed with water, can polish steel, but they do not sanitize.

Clean the kitchen top thoroughly, degreasing the grids with a suitable product or soaking them in a solution with water, if encrusted; the same procedure must be carried out with fires and fryers.

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Remember to close well i detergents and detergents before storing them in a dedicated closed cabinet and to use gloves while cleaning the kitchen of your restaurant!

Difference between disinfectant and sanitizer

Finally remember: i disinfectants they are surgical medical devices and have the logo with the red cross and the ministerial wording and eliminates over 99% of bacteria. While the sanitizing they are intended first to protect the skin and then have a milder antibacterial action. Sanitizing and cleaning are synonymous.

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