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Electric counter top pasta cooker

Countertop pasta cooker

The countertop pasta cooker is a small piece of equipment used in professional kitchens and bars. It is a miniature of the machinery used on an industrial level for boiling.

If the professional pasta cookers they are generally 70 cm or 90 cm deep and 40 cm wide if they are with one basin or 80 cm if they are with two basins.

The standard measure is gastronorm with its submultiples. So it is not for small ones, to be placed on the table.

The characteristics of the countertop pasta cookers

The countertop pasta cooker, on the other hand, is made of stainless steel, has a molded tank with resistances where the water and baskets are inserted to dip and drain the pasta. The measures are, however, very different. They are about 30 cm wide and 40 or 50 cm deep. The baskets have non-standard dimensions, but tailored to the machine.

These machines are suitable for the production of a few pasta dishes. The advantage is to always have 6 or 8 liters of water boiling in a few minutes and to drain the food more easily. Different types of pasta can also be cooked, which require various cooking times.

The countertop pasta cooker works with a 230 V or 380 V electrical power supply. It is equipped with a water fill and drain tap, rustproof armored heating elements and a control thermostat for manual temperature, as well as thermal protection to avoid accidents.

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